A Tibetan disciple reacted when I introduced myself as a follower of Jesus. He broke into a big smile, “Yes Jesus, the Savior. You know, the Dali Llama has the same Spirit, but in a different body.”  I returned his smile and said, “Me too!”.

Christ in us, is the hope of glory. That God is present with us, that we can know Him and walk with him, know his voice, That Glory is not just about a future glory some day in heaven, but is a revealing of the glory of the incarnation in us and through us.  Not the old humanity fixed but reborn, a new creation (or race) mirroring the likeness of Christ, templing the Shekinah.  As Christ was, so are we to be in the world.

John Cooke –

Trumping Karma

It is commonly taught that in order to preach the Gospel we must convince people of their sins and that they are “sinners”.  The real problem, however, is broken relationship with the Source. Sin is merely a symptom. The amazing glad news of great joy is that Sin no longer stands between God and us. The Lamb has taken away the sins of the world! God has reconciled the world through the work of the cross. New Testament preaching is not railing against sin and sinners. Jesus (representing the heart of the Father) did not come to condemn the world but that the world through Him might be saved.  Therefore, neither should we condemn the world.  As far as God is concerned, since the cross, sin is a non-issue. It has been completely dealt with at the cross. Repent means to change the way you think. You are now free to Know your Creator and walk with Him in His Kingdom. Oh, and by the way, “sin” shall not be a problem for you!

The primary Problem is broken relationship with the Creator our Father.  In the first place relationship was broken because of a deception, believing a lie. This is the real problem. Romans 1:21 describes this process very well.  “Even though we knew God we broke relationship with Him, which resulted in our thinking becoming futile and our hearts unenlightened”  (paraphrase mine).  This breaking of relationship with the Father is the primary Sin resulting in many actions called “sins”.

I do not say that Sin and sins are a non-issue from our perspective.  Apart from restored relationship with God through the Savior’s work on the cross, sin will work death in us and through us. There are consequences. Damage is done in us, in others and to the planet (which groans under the weight of a humanity out of relationship with the Creator).

What I am saying is, that from The Father’s perspective, our sin is no longer standing between us and Him. The Lamb of God has taken the barrier away. The door is wide open. Everything that was against us has been nailed to the cross. All humanity is welcome. Whoever will may come! As far as He is concerned we have been reconciled to God and He has given us the authority to proclaim that reconciliation to all humanity; to declare forgiveness with authority.

So, you may ask, what stands in our way? Not the Father. It is our false ways of thinking, what we believe that needs to change. That is why believing in Him and the wonderful Good News is so powerful. To believe Him requires a change of thinking (and that is repentance). This is the only way to trump “karma”. Be reconciled to restored intimate relationship with your Creator.

Some have expressed concern that this sounds like “universal salvation”, that everyone will be saved. From God’s perspective it is obviously universally available, as I have stated above.  We have the authority to offer it to all. As to who believes and enters into the Kingdom, that is not my call.

2 Corinthians 5:18-19 “All this is from God who reconciled us to God through Christ…that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ… not counting men’s sins against them.”