Jesus, the Way to Know the Father

Jesus said, “If you really knew me you would know my Father as well.”  (John 14:6-7)  In other words, the way to know Father is by knowing Jesus.  Jesus is the most accurate image of the invisible God.  The Son unveils or reveals the Father.  So, we know the Father by knowing the Son.  “If you have seen me you have seen the Father…  I and my Father are One”.

The idea that the Gospel is primarily about Salvation from Hell, and a ticket to Heaven when we die, misses the point.  The Good news is about relationship with God in whom we were designed to “live and move and have our Being”.  Without knowing Him we will continue dying like fish out of water, falling short of our intended humanity as sons and daughters of the Father,  mirrors of God’s image.  Jesus shows us what the Father is like and what it means to be fully human. The New Birth allows us to “see the Kingdom of Heaven” now,  not just enter heaven when we die .  Eternal life is not just about what we experience after death, but an Eternal Source of life that begins by knowing the Father in this life as well as the next. The Kingdom of Heaven has come near to us, is within us, on earth as it is in heaven.

Have you ever wondered how the Creator can truthfully say, “I never knew you”  to anyone He has created.  I thought He knows everything about us, even how many hairs are on our head?  Perhaps that’s because we western thinkers tend to mistake knowledge about  someone for relationship with someone. When the scriptures speak of knowing a truth or a person they mean knowing by experience or by relationship.  When the Creator says,  “I never knew you” He means we never had a relationship!   So, we can only know the Father and His Son by relationship.  Without “knowing” the Father we continue dying, cut off from the Eternal Source of life.  If you want to know the Father, get to know Jesus.  You will become Family, a son or a daughter of the Creator.  You share the same DNA as Father and son.  You will find out who you are.


Ownership of the Earth

The Movable Feast

Most wars are fought over ownership of the land.  In most cases right of ownership is determined by whoever gets there first, or has the most strength (either military or monetary).

Consider some principals relating to rights of ownership:

1. The earth and everything in it, belongs to the Creator who divides the Land according to inheritance rights.  (Psalm 24:1)  Can we just take it and say it’s  ours because we are living on it or using it?  In any case it is only “ours” in “trust” to care for and manage according to the Creator’s Family values.

2.  Inheritance rights are based upon Family relationship.  Discovering our identity as sons and daughters of the Creator is essential to discovering our inheritance and passing it on to our children.  “You are my son…Ask me and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, and…

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The Name of God

When people have an encounter with the Creator, they often begin by asking for his name.  It seems like a reasonable request. “Which god are you?” “There are so many.”  In the Biblical accounts, God often responds vaguely.  “I am who I am”.  He appears content to be defined by his relationship with those who knew Him.  He attached His identity to their names.  “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses…” In fact the character and nature of God are primarily revealed through His relationship with people. People of other nations referred to him as the God of Israel, or the God of Daniel, or the God and Father of Jesus Christ. Some people are very concerned about the correct pronunciation of the right syllables in the Name of God.  I think it’s not nearly as important what we call Him as how we represent Him.

God told Moses to put his Name upon His people.  “This is how you are to put the Name of God upon the people: Say to them, ‘May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord turn and look at you face to face. May His face break into a great big smile until your face mirrors His smile. May the Lord be merciful to you and give you peace!'” (Numbers 6:22-27  paraphrase mine). He places His Name upon us by blessing us, by caring for us, looking at us and smiling in recognition, by His relationship with us.

When the Creator places His Name upon us He is entrusting us with His reputation and identity. We now bear the Family Name. The primary way He is known and defined on earth is by association with us His human family. We are not only partakers of the divine nature, we are also mirrors (the image of God). So when we pray “hallowed be Your Name” we are saying “May your image be beautifully and accurately reflected by your people”. May the Family Name (reputation) be respected and honored on earth as it is in heaven”. He associates his name with you. He is now known as the God of Mark, John, Michael, Richard, Terry, Tamy… Not only do you bare His Name, He bares yours.